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About the Course -

Java is the most demanding software in this digital era. We have placed more than 300 JAVA alumni as software developers in MNC’s across the globe.


This course is designed to give an in-depth knowledge of object-oriented programming. As we know most of the applications are designed in Java, we strive to give a pragmatic learning experience through lab practicals and live projects.


We stress on theoretical lectures before every practice session. Live projects help students to understand the basic as well as advanced features of programming used in File handling, GUI Programming, web applications, Etc. Students often have group discussions and tech-quiz to share and gain the knowledge through one another.

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Course Objectives -

• Introduction to Java, OOP, Classes
• JVM Architecture

• Networking in JAVA

• JAVA AWT and Swings

• Multithreading


• StorageAreas

• Driver and Driver Types

• ConnectionPooling


• Servlets

• Standalone and Enterprise Applications

• Client Server Architecture & Server design

• Servlet

• SessionManagement

• URL Rewriting & Hidden Form Fields



• Expression language

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