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About the Course -

NET is created by Microsoft for developing applications for Windows Systems. We have placed more than 300 .NET candidates in .NET development companies.


Imagine writing a 1000 lines of code for each application every time. Seems tough, isn’t it? Well, not in this case. .NET consists of predefined Codes, Libraries, Classes, and compilers which makes it easier to create a framework as compared to JAVA. Though, its application is mostly supported by windows operating systems.

For cross-platform compatibility, the programming is done using C# and F# with .NET CORE, whereas ASP.NET deals with the web applications which are dynamic in nature.


This course focuses on the basics of the .NET framework, C# programming and ASP.NET for creating Windows applications. In-depth theory and extensive practice of programming will make the candidate capable to work in the .NET development organizations.

Angular JS is Java framework for web development. It is often used to create a single page web application. We have placed more than 300 candidates as Angular JS / quick view developers in MNC’s.


Angular JS, popularly know as a single page web application is the technology which allows web applications to function like mobile applications where, on click, no new page is loaded from the server, but the client web browser itself generates the new page with the data sent by the server. This makes the website load faster than the traditional websites.


The course is designed to give in-depth knowledge of jQuery libraries, MVC framework (Model View Controller), Node JS, and the use of No-SQL database like MongoDB through JSON (JAVA Script Object Notation). Students will be having theoretical as well as practical sessions to improve their technical skills.

  • Basics of distributed application development

  • Web Service development and .NET Remoting

  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)

  • .NET framework classes

  • C#

  • ASP.NET, and ADO.NET

• Introduction to Client-Side Scripting Languages.

• Work with JS Arrays and JSON Object.

• JQuery framework • Develop the AngularJS architecture using ng-app, ng-class, ng-repeat.

• Use and implement Filters syntax and expression.

• Directives link Syntax.

• Communicate with the server using $http and other relative commands and resources. • Build localization based syntax and its use. • Learn how to test the Angular applications using Jasmine and Karma.

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