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About the Course -

PHP is popularly used programming in the server-side web development. Mainly because it is compatible with all the system platforms and it’s available for free, unlike .NET. We have placed 300 candidates from PHP course in the IT industry across the world.


When there’s a need of a responsive dynamic page, it’s easier to use PHP which compiles the request from the client and creates the whole HTML page for the variable results. To explain it simpler, if there are multiple results affecting factors like Colour, Size, Style, Etc in the online shopping website, instead of creating different page for each combination of the query, we can use PHP scripting which can run in a server to generate the appropriate page with the result and deliver it to the Client (The one who is shopping online).


This Course is designed to give in-depth knowledge of how front end & back-end coding work with each other. Students will be practicing the PHP scripting through HTML and learn how MySQL queries can be handled to generate the desired result in the form of a dynamic web page. PHP is very simple to learn and there is a high demand for PHP professionals.

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Course Objectives -

• PHP programming to build interactive & data-driven sites

• Use of MVC pattern to organize code

• Test and debug a PHP application

• Work with form data

• Use cookies and sessions

• Work with regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data.

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