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About the Course -

Software testing is an investigating and analytical process to generate a report about the software product or services. It can also provide an insight to the businesses to understand risks and improvements necessary in the product. So far we have placed 300 Candidates as Software testers in various companies including MNC’s.


Today most small and large businesses are completely dependent on software. If the functionality of the software is not tested properly, and the faulty or partly working product is in the market it can cause small as well as huge problems in day-to-day life. For example, if the airplane software is not tested properly, any malfunction can cause a crash and hundreds of lives will be lost. Hence, software testing is a vital part of today’s world.


The software testing course is designed to give in-depth knowledge of Manual and Automation testing, types of testing, methodologies used in testing, and levels of testing. Theory lectures, extensive lab practicals, and live projects for testing help students adopt the technique efficiently

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Course Objectives -

• DWH: Data Ware Housing Concepts What is Data Warehouse?

• Types of ETL Testing & tools

• SQL Queries for ETL Testing

• Transformations – Active and Passive Transformations

• Worklet, Mapplet, Reusable transformation Migration

• XML migration and Folder Copy.

• Scheduling Workflow Parameter and variables

• XML Source, Target and Transformations Preparation of Test Cases

• Executing Test case

• Preparing Sample data

• Data validation in Source and target Load and performance testing

• Unit testing Procedures

• Error handling procedures

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