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About the Course -

Data generation in today’s world is growing rapidly. Tableau is the platform which offers data analytical tools to facilitate the business to generate reports, identify new patterns and possibilities within their own data. The data can be anything from a small database of excel to big data on social networking sites. We have placed more than 300 Candidates as Tableau developer, CLV analyst in various companies including MNC’s.


Various big companies like Adobe, Cisco, Deloitte use Tableau as an analytical tool to understand the product demand, sales growth, CLV (Customer lifetime value), etc through interactive dashboards of Tableau. Tableau gives you an endless possibility to do micro research on any data from various industries such as Media, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Traveling & maps, etc.


This course is designed to give in-depth knowledge of Tableau desktop architecture, statistic and interactive dashboards, connecting different type of data, generating Tableau reports, graphs, maps, etc. Tableau has opened up a new dimension in data analysis with its creative tools.

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Course Objectives -

• Connect Tableau to various Datasets: Excel and CSV files

• Create Barcharts

• Create Area Charts

• Create Maps

• Create Scatterplots

• Create Piecharts

• Create Treemaps

• Create Interactive Dashboards

• Types of Joins

• Data Blending in Tableau

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